CloudDown Technology is part of the patent pending product Rucloud Optimized which has been created by Rucloud Technology Limited and it available on the AWS Marketplace to fill a gap in the market regarding storage costs with shutdown schedulers. Until now, shutdown schedulers saved only the compute costs, by shutting down the instance when it was not required. With our unique technology, you can now save 100% of your AWS Instance and EBS Volume costs when your instances are shutdown.

The below example details how CloudDown reduces the costs of an AWS development/test account from $860k per year to $277k per year, which is a saving of over 67%.


Example Environment

Our example Development and Test account in the London region is made up of 94 AWS EC2 instances and 278 EBS volumes of type gp2.

The account is made up of 9 dev/test environments each consisting of:


Additionally, there are some servers which serve as domain controllers and file servers. These servers have the following configuration:

The above configuration was inputted into the AWS Monthly Simple Calculator with Business Level support, and the costing is as follows, and can also be viewed on this link:

Compute: $50,662.83 / month

Storage: $16,090.62 / month

Business Support: $4,972.75 / month

Total Monthly Cost: $71,726.20

Total Yearly Cost: $860,714.40


Rucloud Optimzed

To reduce this AWS bill, we then install RUCLOUD OPTIMIZED into the AWS account to manage the environment.


Instance Size and License

We would select the r5.large instance type which has a license enabling us to manage up to 100 EC2 instances. This is the number of instances that you can insert into shutdown schedules within the product. The license for the number of volumes is for AutoMize Technology, another part of the product that can save you big on your AWS costs. A separate blog post will cover this dynamic, automatic EBS volume tiering technology in more detail.  



Rucloud Optimized’s costs are made up of two components:

1. rucloud optimized license fee

An annual subscription for the rucloud optimized product would cost:

RUCLOUD OPTIMZED r5.large: $17,820.00


2. AWS costs for the rucloud optimized resources



The costing for this AWS infrastructure in the London region is as follows:

Compute: $92.24 / month

Storage: $1.80 / month

Business Support: $6.58 /month

Total Monthly Cost: $100.62

Total Yearly Cost (Product and AWS Resources): $19,027.44


Environment Usage Scenario

As the environment is development/test it is only required to be running during normal office hours, which in this instance are 8am to 5.30pm Monday through to Friday.


Let’s put all the instances into a rucloud optimized Shutdown Schedule with CloudDown technology enabled. We set the schedule to shut down the instances at 5.30 Mon to Fri and to restart them at 8am Monday to Friday. Let’s say for argument sake, that all instances are fully in a CloudDown status after 30 minutes. The following calculations can then be made:


As the environments are effectively running 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday, that is 10 hours per day or 50 hours per week.

50 Hours a week equates to the environment running just 29.76% of the week.

As you now will not be charged for the EC2 instances or EBS volumes that is a saving of 70.24%.

The new costings for your EC2 instances and EBS volumes would be:

Compute: $15,077.26

Volumes: $4,788.57

Business Support: $1,690.61

Total Monthly Cost: $21,556.44

Total Yearly Cost: $258,677.28


If we now add on the Rucloud Optimized product and infrastructure costs, your new yearly spend would be $277,704.72. This is a saving of $583,009.68 a year (67.74%)



For a little investment of purchasing our product you can achieve high levels of cost reduction on your AWS bill. In this scenario, an investment of a little over $19k returned a net saving of over $583k.

Even if you already have a standard shutdown scheduler, now is a great time to switch. In this case for your $19k investment you would have saved over $144k of volume and business support costs. In switching you would also benefit from our other product features including AutoMize, another cost saving feature which we will detail more in another blog post.


Try RUCLOUD OPTIMIZED now – pricing starts from less than $1/month!


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