Visualise your potential AWS cost savings, within minutes, for free.

Rucloud Optimized our patent pending product will dramatically reduce your AWS costs. But don’t just take our word for it.

You can now see what you can save, within minutes, for free.   

Simply follow the installation guide to install the free Rucloud Estimator AMI into your account and adjust the on-screen values to meet your EC2 requirements.

Estimator does not call home, all data stays securely within your account.

You will see how our two main technologies reduce your EC2 compute and EBS volume costs.

AutoMize can reduce EBS volume costs by up to 75%. 

AutoMize automatically and dynamically tiers through storage types to meet current workloads meaning you only pay for the more expensive storage type when your system is busy.

CloudDown reduces EC2 compute and EBS volume costs by 100%.

When you use our instance scheduler with CloudDown technology enabled it totally eliminates EC2 compute and EBS volume costs when the instance is shutdown. When restarted the instance is bought back to exactly the same state as it was prior to the shutdown without data loss.

Even if you are not on free tier, launching the estimator on a t2.micro for an hour will cost less than $0.02, it will be the best two cents you’ve ever spent!

Try it now, you will be surprised how much you can save, what do you have to lose?